Sicce Voyager 1 Stream Pump

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Sicce Voyager 1 Stream Pump 2300lph 6w

3 year warranty, Flow regulation and direction, Can be used with the Sicce Wave Surfer switcher

Nano Reef Stream pump Voyager 1 the the new, patented stream pump for marine (nano reef) and fresh water aquariums, from 1000 to 2300 l/h.

Its unique rotating system allows you to direct water flow at 360 degrees, thanks to 4 types of regulation:

  • Flow regulation
  • Flow direction regulation
  • Regulation of the deflector's rotations speed
  • 360 degrees rotation of the pump support, to perfectly simulate marine currents!

Voyager can also be used in fresh water aquariums: thanks to its innovativee rotation and flow directing system, it can lift debris from the bottom of the tank so that the filtration system can suck it up easily, keeping water crystal clear!

Voyager has four suction cups and it is predisposed for the application of three pairs of magnets that permit a better adherence to the glass (up to 14mm thick).